How to use LACRIFILL®

LACRIFILL® is easy for you to administer during a quick in-office procedure.
Instructions for Use

“Instilling the gel is as simple as any routine irrigation procedure—and, when needed, the gel can be easily irrigated from the lacrimal system.”

– John P. Fezza, MD.

  • 1LACRIFILL comes in a pre-filled injector with enough gel to treat the lower and upper canaliculi.
  • 2The cannula tip is placed in the punctum and the LACRIFILL gel is inserted.
  • 3The gel flows through the punctum into the lacrimal sac.
  • 4When you see the gel eluting from the upper punctum, you know that both the upper and lower puncta have been blocked.

“This technology is disruptive and will change the way we practice ophthalmology and optometry.”

— Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD